Dreaming Sarah

Dreaming Sarah is a nice little platform adventure game.

You are Sarah who is in a coma and is dreaming of various locations from the normal to the totally surreal.
You awake in a field and are sent on your merry way.
There are no obvious pointers of where to go or what to do next.

Now sometimes, this can be a real problem but not here.
The game is small and you never truly get stuck.
For example, at the start, there is an uncross-able gap to the right so, you go left!
You find a brolly that lets you glide over gaps and that’s how one progresses.
Find a toy, access the new area with said toy to find more toys!


The game can be sprinted through in about half an hour but you are going to want to take your time exploring every area as the lovely pixel art combined with the atmospheric music makes for a nice relaxing gaming experience.

On your travels you will fly to space, traverse the innards of a grand father clock, buy alcohol with a fake id and make a tonsil inside a giant mouth sick!

If this was generic forest/castle areas all the way through, I get the feeling this would have felt like a chore but the diversity of locations held my interest.


While I really enjoyed the game, there were a couple of negatives.
The puzzles were rather arbitrary with a bit of random object x used in location y with no real link or context.
I did find myself after getting a new object, running back round all the locations to see if it done anything.
Not all the puzzles were like that.
Indeed some were decent logical puzzles where you knew exactly where to go next but some were just random.
To it’s credit, these are mostly for secrets and achievements.

The other issue is that the game can be quite buggy.
Several times I found hovering off the ground unable to move.
I also found my controls locked out after speaking to an NPC.
Clearly the controls were meant to reinstate after the conversation was over but I had to quit and re load my save.
Not good.

Despite the niggles however, I would recommend this, especially as it’s a budget game.
For the few quid it cost, I feel satisfied I got my money’s worth!