I think there’s something wrong with my nintendo……

I have recently purchased 3 games.
Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Wooly World and Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush and there were not 20 gig of updates between them, although there was a cuteness overload enough to make you want to boak!

Between them all, there were 175 meg of updates and this was just to address an issue in Mario maker to make the unlockables available sooner, not to finish the game!

That takes me the crux of the matter.
Most modern games come with massive day 1 patches, as in gigabytes!
Games are simply released before they are finished.

The biggest travesties include Assassins Creed Unity and Arkham Knight (pc version).
Buggy unfinished crap.

Shit launches aside, almost all AAA games, barring Nintendo, have crazy day 1 patches.
It’s just become common practice.
The lazy, ach I’ll finish it with a patch attitude that’s become the norm that really gets me, that’s why I hold up Nintendo as a shining example.
Their games may not always be great ( they mostly are! ) but they are complete!