Xcom 2

Right,  straight off the bat I’ll tell you that I love this game.
I really do.
The imposing threat, the doomsday counter,  the research and development of new tech and the satisfying missions.  Especially when you set up an overwatch ambush and take out a whole enemy squad!

Now the girn……..

The game Fucking cheats!
This will no doubt be patched out,  at least I hope it will but for now,  the game seems to defy it’s own odds when you are doing well.

Example,  I had a squad surrounded with 5 soldiers on overwatch, each with a 70 odd to 80 odd chance of hitting.
They all missed!

Another example is that I was next to an enemy with my gun literally in it’s face with a 95 percent chance to hit.
It was also “flanked” which means it has no cover.
Fucking missed.

Yes,  random odds dictate those outcomes are possible but the frequency it happens heavily suggest that there are other subroutines at work here!

Now, I may just be a huffy cunt but I also missed with a sword when I was standing next to an enemy with a 100 percent chance to hit!

Fuck xcom.
I love it to bits!