The Internet Generation


Firstly, the irony is not lost on me, penning a post on the internet about people complaining on the internet but that is basically the sole purpose of this site so I consider these posts exempt from internet dickery.

The reason there is a large (parodied) version of the No Man’s Sky logo perched atop this post is that the release of this game has re-highlighted to me what annoys me about the self entitled internet user of today.
It’s all the complaints that the game is not this and the game is not that and blah blah blah.
All this for a game (at the time) that no one had played yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong.
If someone plays the game and think’s it’s shite that’s fine, that’s up to them.
If someone doesn’t want the game as it doesn’t look like their cuppa, that’s also fine.
If people aren’t fine with me saying what’s fine, that’s also fine! (Getting a bit meta here – Ed).

Anyway, I digress.
While using No Man’s Sky as an example, it’s the hype people build up in their own minds for something.
So much so it can never deliver and caused them to take to the internet, up in arms, as if they’ve been short changed or personally slighted.

One complaint I’ve read is that the game can be completed.
Really, the game can be completed?
Wow, what cunts the devs are releasing a game you can finish.

Another girn is that people are complaining that the game’s end can be reached in 30 hours or so, even though this has been identified as an exploit that has been patched.
That aside, so fuck if it can be “completed” in 30 hours?
Most AAA games these days, you’re lucky to get 15-20 hours out of so why people are complaining about being ripped off is beyond me.
You can rush to the end of most games if you want and skip the glut of main content, as is your right as the consumer of said content but to turn around and attack the developers for the quickest possible completion time being double that of an average game just because you’ve decided this game should be longer and has some how personally wronged you is mental.

Another belter is an excerpt from a review in progress I saw.
Bear in mind that this game has been described as a procedurally generated game from day 1.
The complaint I read is that the reviewer was complaining that the planets lacked the hand crafted feel he prefers in games.

To be fair, I get his point.
I hated Batman Vs Superman because Ironman wasn’t in it.
I can’t stand baked beans because they’re not sweet corn and I’m personally writing a letter of complaint to Aldi HQ as their own brand of Vodka isn’t a lovely 18 year old Dalmore malt.

I tell ya, it’s these fuckwits that complain that the new superman isn’t a transgender homosexual Chinese person in a wheelchair and claiming you are racist and homophobic if you don’t agree.
The mob that start petitions to make the new dog in Lassie a cat so they can seem progressive.
The mob that call people father’s paedos and say they should have their kids taken off them because they see an innocent picture of a proud father bathing his infant son on instagram, just so SOMEONE can hear their voice.
The same mob that would piss their pants if you so much gave them a chirpy hello in person.

In a nutshell, the internet generation!