The curse of the gaming magpie

My Steam collection is preposterous. Being filled with hundreds of games that were purchased under the “cheaper than a pint”  mantra, I’m not short of beer substitutes for a very long time to come.  In fact,  if I just played every game I own for a mere scratch the surface hour, it would take an unfeasible chunk of my already limited gaming time.

If I include my entire backlog of games which ranges from 8-bit to recent times and chuck in Mame for good measure,  then I’ve more chance of visiting every planet on No Man’s Sky. So now I stand over the ultimate 1st World problem precipice – choice.  Far too much choice. 

 I’m a videogame glutton of the highest order.  Trading in a game for the next best thing at CEX is sacrilege to me.  I bought it,  and I want to keep it.  Yes,  the grey world of emulation has certainly taken some weight off the attic joists, but the choice has only increased as a result.  Emulation allows oneself to be a completionst with a visit to and suchlike. I was happy playing the aforementioned No Man’s Sky,  then I took a notion for Windwaker,  now Chuckie Egg is calling.

 Choice gives us an overwhelming amount of variety and I can relax and enjoy a single game for the next game calling me before I’ve exhausted the current one.  Writing this has been a better example of my longevity in a single thing than my current gaming habits. Right. Chuckie Egg…..