Mutant Mudds

My first 15 minutes impression of Mutant Mudds was it was an Amiga game emulating a SNES style platformer. In the same way Zool was Gremlin’s answer to Sonic the Hedgehog, I didn’t expect much longevity as aesthetics over style doesn’t work for me. You can have all the lovely sprites in the world,  but if the level design sucks, there’s nothing to keep the player interested. I’m pleased that I persevered with Mudds though as it does have decent levels to battle through,  and more importantly,  it gives the player reasons to return to already completed worlds. There’s hosts of secrets,  many of which you can’t find on first visit as you lack the necessary power-ups. I’m happy to say that the worlds in which you visit do have more in common with Super Mario than they do with the aforementioned Zool, or Superfrog, to name but a few.  This game is a completionists pipe dream. It’s tough,  unforgiving and the ice levels piss me right off to the point of vowing a negative review, but it is also very rewarding.  I thoroughly enjoy games that open up extra levels when you accomplish goals.  I’ve never had a much fun like that since Yoshi’s Island on the Snes. It’ll never beat its peers in terms of level design but if I were to compare,  I’d give it a b+ for effort.