Nintendo Switch



So, the Nintendo Switch is upon us and like everything released in the age of the Internet, the masses are out in force to condemn it before they even know what it is.

Seriously, what is missing in people’s lives that people hate everything now? It’s not even everything, it’s the concept of everything.
It’s like Jay out the Inbetweeners who says “completed it mate” whenever someone mentions a game.
There’s this new……”hate it!”

Anyway, I digress.

The switch is a hybrid hand held/living room console with indeterminate specs which brings me to the point of my post.

People are freaking out saying it’s not as powerful as a ps4, it’s not as powerful as an Xbox one, it’s not gonna be 4k 60fps.

Well A, these are all assumptions and B, people are missing the whole point of the Nintendo.
This is the console you go to for games and experiences you can’t get elsewhere.
You are buying Nintendo’s charm, their unique titles, their expert game design that you can’t get on the “big 2” or computer.
Do you really need another platform to play assassins creed on?

That’s the reason the WiiU was deemed a failure. They never made any Nintendo games for it!
Ok, there were some but you get my point.

I for one am giving the switch a chance.
My money is on Nintendo learning from their mistakes with the WiiU.
A Mario and Zelda game at launch for one.
Those alone will rack up the pre orders.
These are the games you can’t get elsewhere.