The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild – First Impressions

Ok, I’ll get this out of the way right off the bat.
I’m smitten!
Enough so that I remembered I have this site and wanted to post this to, well myself I guess as no one knows of this site really lol.

There are a lot of odd criticisms of this game.
It’s too open world, it strays from the traditional Zelda formula, there’s no clear direction etc…..

Just ticked a lot of boxes for me!
There’s nothing like being plopped into a game world with nothing but a vague idea of what to do next and an ominously vast world to do it in!

I want to be scratching my head in a game.
I want to find out where to go and what to do for myself.
I’m sick of games being so dumbed down that you are merely a spectator.
Stand here, press this, no – you can’t go over there!

BOTW is a refreshing change from that condescension that even its own predecessors were guilty of.
You awake from your sleep, walk out side your cave ( sorry, spoiled the first 30 seconds for you there ), and are left to it.

It’s not so obtuse however it leaves you entirely clueless.
From the very start at least it will try and nudge you in the right, or more useful direction.
I followed this instruction, was given some basic info on how the world hurts, a little metaphorical pat on the head and was on my merry way.
I literally spun round in circles, stopped and went, “Right, this is the way I’m going!” and proceeded forth.

Walking along, I thought randomly, “Hmm, I wonder if I can climb that tree?”.
Now, perched atop my tree peering at the unfolding horizon, I get the feeling this game is something special.
“What, ’cause you can climb a tree?”
No, it’s just a feeling you can’t really put into words when a game grabs you.
A sense of wonder I guess.

The world looks so busy too.
It’s not what I’d call a fake open world.
Hundreds of acres of map with fuck all to do in it.
I’ve not made much progress as every 10 minutes I find something I want to explore.

For example, I saw a shrine atop a mountain through my binoculars equivalent device.
Plot a rough path in my head and begin my journey.
On my way I spot a goblin camp.
As it’s night now, they’re sleeping.
As they catch some Z’s, I tip toe up and murder them in their sleep.
Hey, it was them or me!
I plunder their camp and continue.

It’s morning by the time I get to the mountain and start making my way up, after stopping to catch dome frogs as you do.
I’m half way up and Link starts chittering.
It’s too clod for my clothes and my health starts to diminish so I abandon my quest for now.

I back track and try to follow the map round to my next objective.
A goblin camp is in my way so I’m about to attack them when I see a bee hive in a tree.
I shoot that and a swarm of bees splits the pack up.
I kill goblin 1 while his wee pal is getting the shit stung out of him then turn on him.
Boom, camp clear.

I then happen upon a guy chopping trees.
He notices I’ve picked up an axe earlier and gives me instructions on how to chop trees down.
I chop a tree down to span a ravine, cross it and access a new area.
Wandering this new area I get a pang of classic Zelda nostalgia.
A cliff face with a crack in it!
Whip out a bomb ( which I previously got from a shrine ) and blow it up.
The classic Zelda secret found jingle plays and I’m presented with a chest.
Ahhh, that felt good.

I look above the crater I’ve just made and see mushrooms growing out a wall!
I think, “That’s a long way up!” but as I circle and scope the area, I spy an overhang.
“I think I can make that before my stamina expires!”

I climb up, pick the mushroom and stop to rest.
The mushroom info advises me that this can be cooked into a stamina potion.

I spy another higher up.
I climb up and grab it.
It’s only then I realise that I’m under the shrine I was trying to get to previous!!
It was then the true awesomeness of this game and the way you can play it the way you want to really hit me.
I then stopped to write this…….