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Batman:Arkham Knight PC Issues



Right, one thing that is pissing me off over this situation is not actually the game itself
or it’s issues.

It’s the rabid fanboyism ( that a word? – Ed ) of some of the so called PC master race.
It’s the smug smug sense of self entitlement of those portion of gamers that consider
themselves more enlightened and more of an authority on all thing digital than the rest of us.

It’s not even funny.
It’s like they’ve been personally wronged due to a shitty console port.
Read the key words there children, a CONSOLE PORT.
This game was made for consoles and runs fine on them.
They fucked the PC port, get over it.

Now, I’m not defending a shitty port.
Lazy ports do my head in.
If you’re gonna do a port, do it right.
Don’t just shoe horn it into the PC, change the control text and release it into the wild.

Make sure the game doesn’t crash to desktop for no reason.
Take the FPS limiter off.
Tweak the asset loading methods.
Basically, make sure the fucking thing works on a PC!


Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that some people are pissed
off that the game wasn’t made for them on their system and they are
raging that their version is second best.
The self entitlement wont let them accept that this game was not made
with the master race in mind so they blame and attack consoles.

I made an innocuous post on a facebook page.
The title was “use coupon blahblahblah for 40% off Arkham Knight”.
I posted ” use coupon blahblahblah for 40% off Arkham Knigh’s frame rate. Fixed that for you.”
I was immediately, hilariously attacked.
I was told that “do a bit of research instead of complaining and the game will run fine on PC.”

Obviously I was immediately taken as a console fanboy taking delight in a shite PC port to which I replied.
“That was a joke but for the record I have uncapped the FPS in the ini file, tweaked the gfx settings and updated my graphics drivers. It still runs shit on my monster rig.”.
That was met with silence lol.

You see, I am a PC gamer.
I am also a console gamer.
I guess I’m Bi-Gameual lol.
That’s why I’m in the position to give an honest opinion.

Now to wrap up.
The game is actually Fab.
I now have it running at a decent level and wow it grappling around Gotham fun.

Also, this is not an attack on PC gamers.
Most are fine.
None of my friends, of whom most are pc gamers exude such contempt and ignorance.
It’s mainly internet fannies who are up their own arses and can’t see past their hardons because they own a fucking pc!